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About installing UnZixWin replacing DLLs

UnZixWin Posted on Thu, October 11, 2007 05:20:53

A quick note to those who want to install UnZixWin 0.0.9 mentioned below:

During the installation process, you may get asked whether you want to replace your current version of a certain DLL with an older one from the installation.

Your gut reaction, off course, is to click ‘no’. And that is precisely what you should do, especially if you’re running Vista.

The DLLs in question do not affect the operation of UnZixWin, so do not need to be the version included in the installer. Keeping your current DLLs is the sensible thing to do. Replacing them should do no harm, but don’t take the chance.

In case UnZixWin doesn’t work on your particular ZIX or AVI file, the cause will be either that the file is damaged or garbage, or a bug somewhere in my code. It has nothing to do with DLL versions. Get in touch with me for help determining the cause of the problem.

The development machine I used to create the setup package runs on Windows XP, and I’ve since discovered that the latest service pack hadn’t been properly installed when I created the setup package. Boy is my face red!

WinVista uses newer DLLs and those should be used instead. Even XP users should be wary of DLL replacement.

The setup package containing the outdated DLLs are already in circulation beyond my control (that is how BitTorrent works). So I can’t change that, only the package on my site (which I’ll be doing very shortly).

Crap like this is why I didn’t want to create a setup package to begin with.

The DIVO Codec Scam

Common Scams Posted on Thu, October 11, 2007 04:04:44

Fellow scambuster Jim Dunn has alerted me to a new trend of AVI scammers.

If you get an AVI file which shows you this message:

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This is, off course, just another variation of the 3wPlayer scam. The same people responsible for 3wPlayer scam has added another trick to their bag. They’re double-encoding 3wPlayer files and calling them DivoCodec.

In other words, the scammers are too lazy to invent a new scam format. They’re just using their old tools twice on the same file, this time appending a new image to the AVI.


In case you are new to all this: do not under any circumstances download the ‘codec’. In fact, don’t even go to that website mentioned. The codec contains malicious spyware for sure, and the website might record your IP address and target you for hacking.

Bittorrent users with a bit of experience know this, off course. They’ve seen the 3wPlayer scam before, and the Vodei scam before that.


Jim discovered if that if you run this AVI file thorugh UnZixWin 0.0.9,
you get a standard 3wPlayer encoded file. Running that through UnZixWin
0.0.9 will get you the original, unencoded file. Off course, that may not be the one you were promised (april fools!), but any old AVI which seemed large enough to be plausible.

In short, use UnZixWin twice and see what you get.

Thanks, Jim!