Site finally online

Hello, friends.

Welcome to ScamWatch, a blog dedicated to fight online scams such as WinZix, Vodei, 3WPlayer and related software and sites.
Sorry to take so long to get this thing up and running, but I’ve been awfully busy.

On this blog, I intend to post news and snippets regarding to ZIX archives, my UnZixWin utility, and info I gather about other scams related to WinZix. This should be your first stop whenever you encounter trouble using the UnZixWin utility, have questions using its operation, or just want to weigh in on the issues.

I’ve defined a few categories under which to file entries:
UnZixWin: News and issues relating to the software
Common Scams: Analysis and news about the spyware you’re at risk of being exposed to
ScamBusters: Recruitment center for other would-be scamfighters

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