New UnZixWin version

An update has been released which introduces a number of new features. It now uses the Windows Common Controls plus a few other libraries, so need to be installed running an installer. It can be downloaded at window.onbeforeunload = function() {}Unzip the contents, run the installer. It creates a program group and shortcut on […]

PlayVix: The cure is worse than the disease?

In case you’re unfortunate enough to have already installed the PlayVix player, and have thus infected your system with spyware, getting rid of it isn’t so trivial.To make matters worse, other scammers are cashing in on this scam in unexpedted ways.There is a video on YouTube which claims to show you how to remove PlayVix. […]


Good news for Linux/UNIX users: Fellow scambuster Mike Frysinger has created a C program which extracts the contents of ZIX archives, and put the package online. He calls it funzix, and its homepage is located at It’s a command-line utility, and has been confirmed by Mike to work with both version 1.0 and 2.0 […]