PlayVix: The cure is worse than the disease?

In case you’re unfortunate enough to have already installed the PlayVix player, and have thus infected your system with spyware, getting rid of it isn’t so trivial.
To make matters worse, other scammers are cashing in on this scam in unexpedted ways.
There is a video on YouTube which claims to show you how to remove PlayVix. Only, surprise, it doesn’t. What it does is direct you to a site which promises a “PlayVix Removal Guide”.
That guide offers no help at all, although it seems to describe the PlayVix spyware scam quite accurately. It then offers you a clickable, suspiciously anonymous, link to yet another site where you can get instructions on how to remove PlayVix.
That site turns out to be the download page for Registry Easy, a tool which claims to fix your every problem, including toothache, FOR FREE!

Be aware that this software is flagged by several tools as malware. It is itself a spyware kit, and you may have to take additional steps to get rid of that.

I’ll keep investigating PlayVix and if I come across removal instructions which actually work, I’ll post them here.

In the meantime, my only suggestion is that you reinstall your computer from a bootable CD, after backing up your data files, off course. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but it actually helps get rid of the spyware. And, unlike Registry Easy, it will probably also speed up your system.

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