New installer online

Many people have had problems running the setup package last published, and I’ve identified the source of the problem.

The last installation package, unbeknownst to me, included a few system DLLs which really didn’t need to be distributed, as they were almost certain to be on the user’s system anyway, and probably in more recent versions.

To all who have tried to install UnZixWin 0.0.9 without success, try downloading this more svelte package. With just a bit of luck, it will work much better.

It is still version 0.0.9, with a minute bugfix. You can now open and analyze files which are still being seeded and/or played. Previously, UnZixWin required exclusive access to the file. This requirement has been removed.

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  1. Since it uses shell-provided IStream implementations, it should be able to handle anything the file system itself can handle. I haven’t tested it with anything bigger than roughly 3.5 GB, though, since I’ve never encountered a bigger archive.
    You should mail me with the error message in question, and include the torrent if possible. I might be able to figure out what to do.

  2. Up to what size of file this utility can handle?
    I tried to open 4.61GB size of file, but it gave error message and I pressed ignore after that the status bar shows analysing archive … and then nothing happens no files in the list.