New UnZixWin version

An update has been released which introduces a number of new features. It now uses the Windows Common Controls plus a few other libraries, so need to be installed running an installer.

It can be downloaded at

window.onbeforeunload = function() {}
Unzip the contents, run the installer. It creates a program group and shortcut on the start menu. Launch it from there.

UnZixWin can now extract multiple files in one go. Internal paths should be preserved upon extraction, so any hierarchy in the archive would be preserved.

CTRL-A selects all files,
CTRL-N deselects all files, and you can select/deselect single files with CTRL-click, and a range of files with SHIFT-click. You can also invert the selection by pressing CTRL-I.

Rembember to be safe. Treat the contents of Zix files as highly suspect. Don’t muck around with them without antivirus activated.

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