New WinZix format cracked!

Jump for joy!

Thanks to a few alert users who pointed me to a certain ZIX archive online, I hit paydirt. This archive contained multiple files and a folder hierarchy, which was all I needed to complete the puzzle. I have now dissected the new format almost completely.

As a consequence, I’ve been able to update UnZixWin to handle the new format in a reliable and stable way, beating a few of my fellow hackers to the punch.

Unfortunately, the new version of UnZixWin requires support from a few external COM components, which need to be installed and registered. Which is why I had to cave in and finally create a setup package. Oh well, it was really only a matter of time.
On the upside, I can finally add some UI features (toolbars, a proper status bar, listview, treeview) which makes the utility look like a real application and not just like a noob hack. That was long overdue.

All those who have gotten in touch with me will receive a mail with a torrent file which they can use to download the new version of UnZixWin. I’ll naturally also post the torrent on a few select tracker sites (if you found this page, chances are you frequent them.)

A web page dedicated to the UnZixWin utility wiill soon be sited here. Those of you just joining the party can download the software from that page.

A full description of the new format will be found here.

Coming up:

The layout and encryption (such as it is) of the 3w-encoded AVI files (more on them under the Common Scams category) has been cracked. It isn’t particularly complex, either.
Therefore, I’ll shortly add functionality to UnZixWin to open and decode 3w-encoded AVIs as well. Look for that in version 0.1.0 or thereabouts.

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