UnZixWin finally available

The new version, which handles the new ZIX format, is now finally available for download.

ZIP version (4.79 MB)

Bittorrent file (so you can share the burden of uploading)

Sorry about dragging my feet this last week, folks. As a small token of gratitude for your patience, I went ahead and added support for 3w-encoded AVI files.

Thus, if your’e unlucky enough to encounter another ZIX archive, or another encrypted AVI file, this utility should be all you need.



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  1. To Emuler: Done! The new installer is on my main site at http://www.kennethsorling.se. Follow the links.
    Your suggestion about the additional functionality is good. But I’m working on something even better. It’s a complex undertaking, but If I can pull it off, the AVI will be doubly extracted in one single go, without the need for an intermediary file.
    To Raja:
    The error code isn’t familiar to me at this point, but ‘not .ZIX archive’ is just that: UnZixWin has inspected the file for the internal signatures it knows ZIX archives always have, and throws an error message like these if none of them are found. This suggests one of two things:
    * The file might be garbage inside and out. So long as you’re duped into installing WinZix, the perpetrators of this scam don’t care whether or not they post anything valid as data, so long as it looks like a ZIX or AVI file ( all they need is to post a big bunch of random garbage and add the appropriate extension
    * You may have encountered yet another permutation of the ZIX format, hitherto unknown to me and to others. If that is the case, the file is of interest for analysis. If you still have the torrent, or a link to it, please mail it to me. But allow some time for a reply; I can’t download squat over the next few weeks.

  2. Cheers to you, sir! Found your page googling DOMPlayer, and this worked like a charm!

    Q: If the DLLs are extraneous, why not release a ZIP with just the one
    executable, especially for those power users unafraid of the CL? I
    extracted UnZixWin.exe alone and it ran fine on my XPSP2. Zipped it’s
    only ~88K.

    Q2: I had to unzix the AVI twice to get to the garbage file inside.
    Any chance a future release might inspect the extracted file to
    detect/notify of another ZIX, complete with an offer to repeat the

    Thanks! And keep up the good fight!

  3. hey man, good to know about that divo scam, unfortunately i fell for it. Im still an amateur at this stuff and am wodering how to play my .avi files. UnZixWin 0.0.9 tells me my files are garbage along with every other software ive tired although im sure they must have some conetent otherwise no one would be downloading them. pls help me out. Thx.

  4. Just to say thank you for being alive!
    These creators of disgrace should be punished, maybe cutting their fingers? And you my friend should be rewarded for all the good job you are doing!

  5. Unfortunately, it will only end when either I or the scam artists give up trying. They have a financial gain in devising new scams (or, as in this case, revising old ones), while I’m just doing this out of indignation and a bit of netizenry.

    (Boy, that sentence had way too many commas in it!)

    Another way to end it, off course, is if people stop downloading stuff from the Internet altogether. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon…